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Frederick Rice Horticultural Speaker

Frederick L. Rice is a dynamic, multi-faceted public speaker, who brings excitement, interaction and a lifetime of experience in horticulture, theater and travel to audiences throughout the Northeast and as well as Europe. A native of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts and a resident for many years, Fred recently moved to Rome, New York where he continues to book lectures as an expert horticultural speaker, garden design consultant and creates floral designs for clients. He's doing all this while renovating his home and building an extensive botanical garden. Busy! But Fred thrives on all the activity.

Horticultural Speaker Garden DesignLupine and Phlox Garden

His schedule as a horticultural speaker is as full as his background is extensive. Fred liberally dips into his past experiences of living in Britain and St. Kitts in the British West Indies, along with extensive travels and study in Europe. He studied art in Italy and has taught art and theater for several years in various educational institutions in Massachusetts.

Garden Rainbow - Horticultural Speaker DesignAncient Ruins

Fred attributes his unique ability to create an immediate rapport with his audience to his back ground in theatrical performance for stage, film and television as well as working for many years in hair and makeup. His entertaining anecdotes provide a great transition in and out of any horticultural subject he is addressing in a lecture.

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Entertaining, informational and truly interesting, Frederick L. Rice is your horticultural speaker at your next event.