Mr. Rice is currently renovating a 22-room circa 1871 house in Rome, NY. These updates are as of June, 2010!
renovations at home of Fred Rice, Garden Speaker

This was the house before we are some before and early-in-the-process pics to show what has gone before....some recent shots follow!


The outside of the house with the new fence..Early June, 2010


No more white doors!!!! We’ve painted them RED, uncovered a lovely leaded glass window that the former owners PAINTED OUT (go figure..) and the new lantern was found in Essex, MA and Michael adjusted it for its new home.


This is the front entry hall looking back to the still-devastated dining room/kitchen area and front to the main doors.


The East end of the living room as of June 1, 2010; the sideboard is destined for the new dining room.


The dining room still in progress - this space has been the staging area for most of the other renovations. Mahogany panelling from the Bishop’s palace in Erie, PA will eventually be the focal point of the room. Doorways into future butler’s pantry on left and kitchen on right. Stay tuned..


Hanna, Sylvia, Evelyn and Josephine enjoying afternoon tea in the finished “Morning Room”.


Afternoon tea - second sitting.


Entrance to the Morning Room hall and Powder Room.


Powder Room interior. Note - the vanity is a repurposed victrola cabinet from Toledo, OH.
Fred did the marblizing.


Moses setting the threshold in the now-finished upstairs back hall. Fred, hoarding Illustrated London News copies from the 1850’s for years - since recovering them from a Massachusetts cousin’s attic in 1973, has finally found a use for them as wallpaper. Makes for a great read..


A lovely new yellow room with twin beds. The headboards are made from the former parlor doors that were found in the attic.


The new victorian-inspired bath - complete with ball and claw tub on a raised dias...for those of you who need to feel a bit like a queen. The vertical post in the forground started life as a newel post in the 1869 Manchester, MA town hall.


Jack (who just celebrated his 21st birthday), doing his favorite thing in the world. Painting. NOT! A wall of much-needed shelving in Fred’s workroom.